About Me

For those of you who do not know my name….My name is David mmmmm J. mmmmmm Hardie and I am a T-shirt designer and speaker from Pittsburgh PA.  I have a beard that is worth $4,672 (long story), I am an ordained Reverend in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, I am the President of Suncrest Youth Camp and I am married to a woman named Tara with the most mysteriously gorgeous eyes in the known universe, we have a son named Josiah who is objectively the world’s cutest little boy.

I’ve been doing youth ministry for quite some time now, president of the youth group, junior high adult leader upon graduating, studied student ministries at Geneva College and I have been serving as the full time Youth and College pastor at Chippewa Alliance Church (where I started a rocking 2nd service geared toward High School and College students called “VERIANT”)  since 2007.  I have spoken at various camps and retreats over the years.  I am a thematic storyteller, using absurdly humorous stories from my life to illustrate points and ultimately share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am loud, I spit on the front row and I have been known to cry on stage;  fair warning in case you are looking to book me for a weekend retreat.

If you would like to get T-shirts off of me or you would like me to design anything for you….great!  I’m your guy!  I’m assuming that you have seen my portfolio on the main page of the website and you know what type of stuff I do.  I’ve been designing for a very long time (I worked at as a full time graphic designer/screen printing manager at a T-shirt shop during college).  I can design your stuff and print your stuff!  There is no reason to have a boring shirt design!  I have done designs for all sorts of organizations, schools, bands, reunions, etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about anything!


724-417-4507 (texting is the best way to get a hold of me!)


David J. Hardie

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