First Issue Thoughts

Cynderbreak characters, potential plots and themes have been using my head as a playground for months. I am getting ready to start putting this together into a comic book format, the first (and hopefully not last) issue. The story will be large, involving multiple worlds (possibly 7) and various characters. There will be multiple protagonists from story to story, however everything will be woven together. I have a planned resolution for everything etc.

I covet your feedback, if you think that I should consider other angles and directions for characters or if I need to give more or less time to some characters etc.

For the first issue, Kavik the Wolverine will be the Protagonist (He received the highest marks out of the possible characters that I would have chosen as a protagonist). He’s a grizzled soldier set to be executed by being thrown alive into the Spectral Void where he’ll be devoured by Maligroth for all of eternity. There will be various characters that will have to be created for this scene and reasons given as to why he’s being sentenced to die (the main reason is for saving a little boy named Josiah, yes I went there).
As he’s about to be thrown into the portal leading to the Spectral Void, Glyx and Rarrik burst onto the scene causing a diversion that allows the Wolverine to break his shackles and escape. The Bear Snagglesnort is there (he and Kavik have much history together) to make sure that the job gets done. There is an epic battle and ultimately the Bear is hurled into the Spectral Void as we see him being devoured by Maligroth as Kavik is victorious.

This idea is not set in stone as there is much to work out and explain. Do you think that it works as a first issue? Should I introduce other characters as well? I figure that I can do about 24-28 pages (I plan on this taking about a year). I’m scared to cram too much into the book yet on the flip side I think that there are some very interesting characters that I’d really like to introduce (Yeti, Darkwolf, Solfang etc). I could do a few shorter 2 page stories at the end but I am fearful of convoluting it.

The Chronolyst will be introducing and narrating the story at times as well. He’s the our guide in the world of Cynderbreak.

What do you think?

First Issue Character Pitch

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