God is Not a Matter of Opinion

God is not a matter of opinion.

He doesn’t care where His approval rating stands, how many books He’s selling or how focus groups are rating His appeal to 18-25 year olds.  This may come as a definitive shock to you: God isn’t concerned about your opinion of Him.  You are not going to “shame” Him into changing nor could you do anything to make Him rethink who He is.  You aren’t going to hurt God’s self esteem.

God is God.  He is self defining, a fixed point of reference.  When Moses asks God for a name He tells him “tell them that I AM has sent you.”  A literal translation of that title is “I Will Be What I Will Be.”

In our culture often times we believe that everybody, regardless of position or title must eventually bow to the will of the people.  If the majority of people want something, and they make enough noise eventually those in control must give in (or face insurrection or at least bad political memes on Facebook).

You can’t impeach God.

You don’t have to believe in Him, you can ignore His Word,  you can kill His people, and discredit them,  yet that doesn’t make you “right.”

Sin is defined as “missing the mark” and this is true, but whose mark are we talking about?  Mine? Yours? Miley Cyrus’s?

Sin is anything that is not God, anything apart from Himself, His personality, His standards.  He defines right and wrong.  Not us, them or you.

We ask so many questions of morality, social issues, environmental concerns etc, but when we ask those questions do we ever truly ask “What does God think about this?”

1 thought on “God is Not a Matter of Opinion

  1. Ryan Gillespie

    Yes and this culture has replaced facts of the Gospel with feelings. If it feels right and seems okay then it must be okay. We continue to live in a culture that is driven by feelings and refuse to face the facts of sin and the Gospel. Good word brother!


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