History Will Judge You!

I have heard it said of those who hold to traditional biblical standards “History will judge you as it did the racist proponents of segregation! Your children will be embarrassed of you and your legacy of hate will be a stain on your family for generations.  They will think of you as an intolerant Nazi, fueled by antiquated, oppressive standards.”

That may be a paraphrase or a conglomeration of statements I have read in the occupied territory known as the internet, yet it details many people’s view of us, the “bigoted, biblicaly based.”

History can judge me.

I’m fine with that.  History changes and fluctuates, it has been rewritten so many times that I’m still not entirely sure who to trust.  The victors define History until somebody conquers them and rewrites the whole thing with their own pen and perspective.

History doesn’t scare me.

God Does.

If we are all “Unique Apes” as Richard Dawkins claims, then I don’t care one iota about what History or a collection of Unique Apes have to say about me.  If we are all grunting, grumbling, complex creatures whose origins are a cosmic accident of sorts, then why should I care? Give me my 70-90 years and forget my name (because it only meant something to a few other Unique Apes in my small context anyhow).

But if there is a God, who created everything, who knows everything and who is weaving a divine story of redemption, if there is meaning and hope apart from what we have created……well now, that is different.

What if that God has established a standard that does not waver from who He is?  What if we cannot find true fulfillment in anything that is apart from Him?

And what if one Day He, not History will judge us?

Here is what I will do: I will raise my children according to His Word, not yours.  I pray that they accept fulfillment and purpose only from God and that they seek His face.  I will teach them to love everybody, to see people as image bearers of God with value, worth and purpose regardless of the broken choices they make.

I understand that they may not believe this way.  They may learn to live like Unique Apes and someday judge me according to the culture and time that they live in.  That they may participate in tacky, hollow, mass weddings at a popular awards show in a neon, faux church of their own creation, following their own doctrine in an attempt to give myself and my people a shining middle finger.  They may strive to rub my face in it and shame me into agreement.

If that happens, so be it.  It’s sad, but I’m not angry, broken or deterred in my belief.

I don’t fear History.

I Fear God.


3 thoughts on “History Will Judge You!

  1. stanley

    Perhaps it’s your failure to understand the real meaning of tradition and embrace liturgy and apostolic tradition. But you don’t seem to have an argument either way. Christ did not address homosexuality, Paul did. Paul did not say the proper relational state for a believer was marriage, it was singledom. Finally, what Paul did say about homosexuality, was in a deeply cultural context.

  2. bighorndave

    May I just say that I’m proud to know you Dave Hardie! You have clearly and powerfully voiced my thoughts wonderfully. It’s my choice and people are free to disagree with me. I’ve lived with disagreement in just about every aspect of my life since the start. But why the hatred and angst? Can we not civilly discuss our differences and agree to disagree if we must? I don’t hate those who believe differently, I see them as the spiritual captives that they are in need of rescue.
    Anyway, thanks again Dave and God bless you and yours.


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