Initial sketch for the Chronolyst

I’ve worked up a rough sketch of the Chronolyst to remind myself of attributes as I draw him for this opening page.

I’ve decided that instead of a Raven perching atop his staff that I ought to use an owl. This may be due to the fact that my beloved Steelers just lost to the Rat Birds in the Playoffs this weekend….. (I hate the Ravens so much).

Actually I really want to avoid the iconic 3 eyed Raven from Game of Thrones. Contemporary fantasy needs to be taken into account when crafting these characters and while I don’t mind borrowing and adapting I need to differ where I can. Plus I think that the owl adds a wisdom and grander to the character that can be fleshed out later. The owl may become a player in the Cynderbreak universe at some point in time, a harbinger of catastrophe or a wise point of view in the midst of the storm.

I like the “Tree Like Staff” that he is brandishing in a few of the older pictures. It adds a very natural, organic, magical look to the Narrator.

I’ve decided to keep the flowing clothe on his arms as a very organic element of this character. The clothe will be magical, whirling around and able to do the Chronolyst’s bidding not unlike tentacles etc. I’m making this addition to add to the visual appeal of the character. Wild, flowing banners sprawling all over the page definitely adds to the intricacies of the character and plays to my strengths (something that I definitely want to so with this book).


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