The Dangers of No Deadlines

Thus far I have been amazed at how little time I have actually had to work on this comic. Seriously, it would seem that I have been sabotaged at every turn; as if an enigmatic cosmic force was hard at work to knock me off course, devour my fleeting free moments and mock my inmost desires to produce this book.

Making a comic is hard.

And I’ve barely started…..

It’s nice having no deadline, yet I have found that when there is no point where I have to turn said project in or risk not getting paid, receiving a poor grade or being physically beaten, other work projects tend to take precedence.

I have found a few rare moments to scribble here and there (one of them just so happened to be in a 3 hour meeting, I just kept doodling on the cover of my red moleskin inconspicuously).

I am becoming accustomed to the character of Kavik, trying to find his voice and appreciate his motives, flaws and strengths. I find myself thinking deeply about the history of this absurd world I am striving to bring to life.

Time to press on and continue down this road!





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