Date Rose Collaboration

Date ideas can be hard.

After one of our first fateful dates my wife Tara and I decided that we were both artsy folk, that it would be fun to do some drawing together.

We grabbed a large drawing pad, a few different pencils and laid down in the living room of her large victorian home. We looked for an object that both of us would have fun drawing, that would allow our differing styles to flourish.

We found it.

A rose.

We giggled and flirted as we drew. We would comment on how different our styles were. Tara would criticize her version relentlessly as I would try to convince her voraciously of her innate talent.

Thank God that she kept those drawings, strewn on that large piece of paper.

11 years later and we are married, we’ve collaborated on many works of art; the two best ones are named Josiah and Malachi.

Years ago Tara decided to frame our work. It it is one of our most cherished earthly possessions.

The personal treasure hangs in our stairwell.

I see it every morning and I smile.





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