I dedicated my life to camp ministry.

At age 11 I went to camp kicking and screaming.  At the end of the week my parents had to pull me kicking and screaming from the camp I had fallen in love with.

I was the youngest counselor in the history of Suncrest Camp.

I became the Head Trustee as soon as I graduated High School at 18.

I was the Youth Coordinator at age 22.

I became the Camp President at age 24 and served for 10 years.

I have done everything at camp:  Janitor, Cook, Counselor, Director, Graphic Designer, Speaker…… I guess I have never led worship (though I can RAP)!

I believe in camps.  I have found that the greatest joy of my life is being a camp speaker.  It is my Shalom.

I will bring hilarious stories, indelible illustrations and a deep biblical passion each and every week, for each and every session for every single camper.


Obviously all of this applies to Weekend Retreats as well.  I served many years as the director of our District's largest gathering, the High School Retreat.  As a former event planner I know how important it is to find a speaker who will be engaging, relevant and who will STICK TO THE SCHEDULE (I will NOT destroy your schedule, it was done to me many times and it is my vow to end my message on time, every time).  I have been getting booked for retreats left and right!  I would love to speak for your weekend retreat.


*I would encourage you to book me as far in advance as possible because my Springs and Summers fill up VERY quickly!