One of my greatest skills  is recruiting, equipping and empowering volunteers and leadership teams.


I would love to come train and inspire your leadership team to strive for excellence, to impact students and to train up their successors.

This can be for a special event, for a seminar or for a training session on the front end or back end of a retreat/camp/event that you have booked me for. 

I believe that one of the most efficient things we can do with our resources is to train and equip our leaders.

Some potential topics that we can cover would be:


Broken Kids Breaking Things: Surviving and Thriving with “Bad Kids”

Recruiting and KEEPING Leaders for Long Term Success

What did you NEED at age 16?

Working in a Team

True Impact in a World Run by Social Media

Living for a Legacy: Replace Yourself

Success in Spite of Red Tape


I'd love to train your leaders with passion, respect and effectiveness.