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I’ve been powering along little by little on this Comic lately. I finished the pencils on the first full page and laid out the rest (I am looking at 21 or 28 pages at this point in time).

Having posted some of the images on social media a friend decided to troll me by saying “Nice Shredder, when are Leonardo and Master Splinter showing up?”

I wasn’t mad. Everything reminds somebody of something. We as human beings must always contextualize in order to understand and process new images and ideas. When you are walking through an airport or a large public place (away from home) and you see unknown people don’t you think “wow, they look like ________” or “that dude looks like a cross between Jim Carrey and Seth Rogan!” That is your brain trying to find a way to categorize and process the new information.

Also, there is no original idea under the sun. I know that some of my inspirations for the project are Earthworm Jim, the Maxx, X-Men and TMNT and those are just the ones that consciously I am aware of (I am always discovering subconscious inspiration in my works as I stare at them sometimes years later).

The ironic element of my friend’s trolling is the nature of the subject he claimed I was copying off of: TMNT. Seriously? The Turtles are the most “unoriginal” parody of all time. They are a boldfaced mockery of the X-Men of the 70’s and 80’s and Frank Miller’s legendary Daredevil run. Granted, Eastman and Laird turned them into media gold thus influencing my childhood more than I care to realize; however acting as if the Turtles are the shining standard of originality is laughable at best.

Just keep plugging on.

There is nothing new under the Sun. Just good mixtures of many different flavors. If you don’t mix well, people will choke on the chunks!





The Dangers of No Deadlines

Thus far I have been amazed at how little time I have actually had to work on this comic. Seriously, it would seem that I have been sabotaged at every turn; as if an enigmatic cosmic force was hard at work to knock me off course, devour my fleeting free moments and mock my inmost desires to produce this book.

Making a comic is hard.

And I’ve barely started…..

It’s nice having no deadline, yet I have found that when there is no point where I have to turn said project in or risk not getting paid, receiving a poor grade or being physically beaten, other work projects tend to take precedence.

I have found a few rare moments to scribble here and there (one of them just so happened to be in a 3 hour meeting, I just kept doodling on the cover of my red moleskin inconspicuously).

I am becoming accustomed to the character of Kavik, trying to find his voice and appreciate his motives, flaws and strengths. I find myself thinking deeply about the history of this absurd world I am striving to bring to life.

Time to press on and continue down this road!





The Intro Page is Penciled




I have the intro page penciled.

It’s the journey of a thousand miles that starts with the first step right here.

Throughout the entire venture today I had to fight the fear of failure, of messing up in some massive or minute manner. I had to constantly tell myself “just put the pencil to the paper and forget the rest.”

I have spent years terrified to do this for a plethora or reasons and irrational fears. I had to get beyond those phobias and just do it.

Once I was into the art itself I had achieved Shalom. Balance. Peace.

For those few hours of harmony that I had to work (the Hardie brothers and their mother only allow me so much time to toil away in the Man Cave) I was so happy. It felt as if I had been born to do this. I daydreamed a bit, allowing myself some exciting, enticing moments alone with my thoughts.

I am going to try and pencil 4 or 5 pages before I start the tedious, meticulous process of inking them (my strong suit).

This is exciting.

Initial sketch for the Chronolyst

I’ve worked up a rough sketch of the Chronolyst to remind myself of attributes as I draw him for this opening page.

I’ve decided that instead of a Raven perching atop his staff that I ought to use an owl. This may be due to the fact that my beloved Steelers just lost to the Rat Birds in the Playoffs this weekend….. (I hate the Ravens so much).

Actually I really want to avoid the iconic 3 eyed Raven from Game of Thrones. Contemporary fantasy needs to be taken into account when crafting these characters and while I don’t mind borrowing and adapting I need to differ where I can. Plus I think that the owl adds a wisdom and grander to the character that can be fleshed out later. The owl may become a player in the Cynderbreak universe at some point in time, a harbinger of catastrophe or a wise point of view in the midst of the storm.

I like the “Tree Like Staff” that he is brandishing in a few of the older pictures. It adds a very natural, organic, magical look to the Narrator.

I’ve decided to keep the flowing clothe on his arms as a very organic element of this character. The clothe will be magical, whirling around and able to do the Chronolyst’s bidding not unlike tentacles etc. I’m making this addition to add to the visual appeal of the character. Wild, flowing banners sprawling all over the page definitely adds to the intricacies of the character and plays to my strengths (something that I definitely want to so with this book).


Merging the Chronolysts, the Begining of this Comic

Chronolyst Mockup

I am gearing up, beginning this process of creating a comic book.  I’m working on combining a few different versions of my narrator character: The Chronolyst.  I’m sure this will be interesting, I will be tested, become angry/frustrated and fail at times.

It is my hope to complete this project and ultimately be proud.

I plan on chronicling my journey here, the high lights, the low lights and everything in between.  I will reminisce and dream in ways that may be odd and unique to everybody other that myself.

That’s ok.

………it’s gotta be good.

Kavik Character Promo

Here’s the promo art for Kavik. He is a wolverine who is incredibly formidable and respected in the world of Cynderbreak. He’s a master soldier, utilizing any weapon, but his favorite is blade “Glutton” that he is holding in his hand in this picture. It is my hope that he will be a staple in this world for a good bit of time.

Land of Legends

I have been working on this massive project for my good friend John Gardner for a while now.  It’s for his annual youth retreat Snow Camp, the theme of which is “Land of Legends.”  They are basing all of their activities for the weekend around mythical creatures.  Sounds like a pretty cool time!

When he told me he wanted a Yeti, Sasquatch, Chupacabra and the Loch Ness Monster drawn up for the shirt I knew it was going to take gobs of time, but in the end I would have some pretty cool images to work with.  I plan on using some of these for isolated, limited edition T-shirts later in the year (I think that a good bit of Bigfoot lovers would be interested in buying the Sasquatch shirt) however I am thinking that I could use them for a bit more.

I already plan on using the Yeti as a pretty major Character in my Cynderbreak universe.  I am deeply tempted to use Sasquatch as his archrival, a larger, more intelligent creature who exists in the shadows controlling and waiting to strike.  Yeti VS Sasquatch sounds pretty cool and it just may be the type of thing that people would really enjoy!

I think that I could find a place for the villainous Chupacabra as well, almost like a Gollum character, searching for something, seeking to devour.  There is something inherently humorous about Chubacabras, perhaps it’s the fact that their name literally means “Goat Sucker.”

Anyhow, I see potential in borrowing some of these mythical creatures.  I need to cultivate a familiarity in Cynderbreak early or I am going to lose people.  They need to have some connection, what better way than to use un-copyrighted familiar monsters!?ImageImageImageImage