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I’ve been powering along little by little on this Comic lately. I finished the pencils on the first full page and laid out the rest (I am looking at 21 or 28 pages at this point in time).

Having posted some of the images on social media a friend decided to troll me by saying “Nice Shredder, when are Leonardo and Master Splinter showing up?”

I wasn’t mad. Everything reminds somebody of something. We as human beings must always contextualize in order to understand and process new images and ideas. When you are walking through an airport or a large public place (away from home) and you see unknown people don’t you think “wow, they look like ________” or “that dude looks like a cross between Jim Carrey and Seth Rogan!” That is your brain trying to find a way to categorize and process the new information.

Also, there is no original idea under the sun. I know that some of my inspirations for the project are Earthworm Jim, the Maxx, X-Men and TMNT and those are just the ones that consciously I am aware of (I am always discovering subconscious inspiration in my works as I stare at them sometimes years later).

The ironic element of my friend’s trolling is the nature of the subject he claimed I was copying off of: TMNT. Seriously? The Turtles are the most “unoriginal” parody of all time. They are a boldfaced mockery of the X-Men of the 70’s and 80’s and Frank Miller’s legendary Daredevil run. Granted, Eastman and Laird turned them into media gold thus influencing my childhood more than I care to realize; however acting as if the Turtles are the shining standard of originality is laughable at best.

Just keep plugging on.

There is nothing new under the Sun. Just good mixtures of many different flavors. If you don’t mix well, people will choke on the chunks!





The Intro Page is Penciled




I have the intro page penciled.

It’s the journey of a thousand miles that starts with the first step right here.

Throughout the entire venture today I had to fight the fear of failure, of messing up in some massive or minute manner. I had to constantly tell myself “just put the pencil to the paper and forget the rest.”

I have spent years terrified to do this for a plethora or reasons and irrational fears. I had to get beyond those phobias and just do it.

Once I was into the art itself I had achieved Shalom. Balance. Peace.

For those few hours of harmony that I had to work (the Hardie brothers and their mother only allow me so much time to toil away in the Man Cave) I was so happy. It felt as if I had been born to do this. I daydreamed a bit, allowing myself some exciting, enticing moments alone with my thoughts.

I am going to try and pencil 4 or 5 pages before I start the tedious, meticulous process of inking them (my strong suit).

This is exciting.

Merging the Chronolysts, the Begining of this Comic

Chronolyst Mockup

I am gearing up, beginning this process of creating a comic book.  I’m working on combining a few different versions of my narrator character: The Chronolyst.  I’m sure this will be interesting, I will be tested, become angry/frustrated and fail at times.

It is my hope to complete this project and ultimately be proud.

I plan on chronicling my journey here, the high lights, the low lights and everything in between.  I will reminisce and dream in ways that may be odd and unique to everybody other that myself.

That’s ok.

………it’s gotta be good.